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Some general thoughts ...

Dear Thomas,

thank you for your support and commitment to improve a platform, which is uncomparable with all other competitors when it comes to operability and long term availability of an once developed application.

I understand, that there is a need to gain new customers with catchy features for the Notes Client and the Domino Server.

But when it comes to application development, I still have the impression that there is no focus on improvements for the Domino Designer at all.

Since my beginning on developing applications for Lotus IBM Domino (back to 1997) I fight the game of every years "Notes Is Dead" because there are no useful enhancements to thrill young people for the only available really RAD-platform.
And that's not because of LotusScript. And I really doubt that we can reach these people at all, when we talk about confidentiality, security, scalability, robustness for an application that runs company-business-processes.

Maybe I am too old to understand these young people at all. The final essence I get on everydays work with these people is the aggressive refusal of any kind of software that is not proposed by Apple, Google or Microsoft and also which has not a fancy naming. There is no way to get any sincere argumentation when it comes to sustainability and performance. Only the "New Age"-Technologies have the wisdom to cure every --- but wait, ... what???

Lotus / IBM Domino is a platform for grown-ups. Script-Kiddies will never get an insight about the complexity of a company-business-process that needs to be taken into consideration.
There is no learning curve, when young people think, untested plugins that haven't been updated for aeons will solve any customers request. And these same young people aren't in any kind aware of security issues that will come up with these very plugins from doubtful sources.

This is hard to say:
But why should we infantile with people that never ever will write a single line of code for an application running on Domino?
Why there is no efford to give those developers, who care about every aspect of an application, the power to build and improve Domino applications that also are clean and cool?

Just to keep my position clear: I am the last one to argue about needful technological changes. But still I can't see any counting facts why futile packed frameworks (like angular, react or whatever else) will give us more performance and stability.
They worsen the ability of bug-fixing and deteriorate any kind of attempts for scalability.

I still hope, that IBM / HCL will have a step back to not only focus for the "Citizen Developer", but also understand that those developers that have given life to Domino Applications for the last 30 years are still there and they need also to be focused.


DISCLAIMER: This is a private opinion of a long-term Domino-Developer who also has insight in any other web-prepared platform and still is convinced that Domino is the only really RAD-platform on the market. The opinion does not inevitably reflect the position of the company this person works for.

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  • Oct 1 2018
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    October 01, 2018 21:01


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    October 03, 2018 21:08