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Provide a reliable way to hide the infamous "V2" style attachments

Can't remember how many times I've been struggling with this: A file gets attached to an RT field on a document in the UI. At some later stage, after the document has been saved and forwarded (for example in a workflow), you want to either hide the attachment, or display it in a different area of the form than where it was originally added. This can easily be done, for example by loading different subforms depending on the stage of the workflow. BUT: Under some circumstances the same attachment gets displayed a second time at the bottom of the form, in an area called the form's "protected area". This way of displaying attachments is frequently referred to as "V2" attachment style.

Many workarounds and tricks have been invented by countless developers over the past 20 years to overcome that issue. None of them works reliably under all circumstances.

What I'm asking for is a straigtforward, easy-to-use method of hiding such "V2" style attachments on a Notes form, for example by providing a Form property for that purpose.

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  • Aug 8 2019
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    Guest commented
    10 Aug 21:04

    Try adding a field called $V2AttachmentOptions, and set it to “0”.

    Works on the web,  it not sure it works in the Notes Client too,

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    Guest commented
    12 Aug 09:57

    Thanks for the hint regarding $V2AttachmentOptions. I did try that, but it seems to have no effect in the Notes Client.

    The recommended method of hiding files attached to a Rich Text item in the Notes Client is by putting the Rich Text field in a hidden, collapsed setion. This workaround does work if the section is located on the form itself or on a subform embedded directly in the form. However, it does not work when the section is on a nested subform (subform embedded in another subform). Hence my request to provide a reliable method.