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64bit Notes ODBC driver to support 64bit applications (eg. 64bit Excel) on client machines

Currently, to connect using ODBC to a Notes database on Domino the application needs to be 32bit, so 64bit Excel (the majority) can't use the current ODBC drivers to read Notes data.

This is a severe limitation, especially as there is no other easy way to read Notes data using applications such as Excel or other reporting tools.

If this was available it would open up many ad hoc reporting and querying possibilities with tools such as Excel and Access.  As these are tools that many people already use and are familiar with, it would allow both Developers and power users to create quick and effective solutions to many information requirements.

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  • Jul 20 2018
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    Thomas Hampel commented
    July 21, 2018 00:26

    Is this question about the ODBC driver in specific or in general about a more clever method to create ad hoc reports, data exports, etc. from a Domino data source?

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    Guest commented
    July 22, 2018 22:18

    The business requirement I am thinking about is of being able to analyse Notes/Domino data using Pivot tables and Pivot charts in Excel.  To do this I need to be able to import Notes data into an Excel 'table' before creating the pivot tables and charts.  This spreadsheet can then be given to business users who can slice and dice and derive extremely useful ad hoc information from their Notes data.  One key requirements is for the users to be able to refresh the data (from Notes into Excel) with a single button click. 

    One way to make all this happen would be with ODBC,  but this is not possible today as most Excel installs I see are 64bit and so can't use the current NotesSQL drivers.  This is why I suggested having NotesSQL support 64bit applications. 

    If another method was provided that allowed Excel to connect directly to Notes data, with the ability to use the Excel refresh button to pull in the latest data,  then I would have much less need for ODBC. 

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    Guest commented
    September 11, 2018 10:43

    We are using QlikSense for data analytics and dashboards. Need 64 bit ODBC to be able to load data into it directly. Direct download of data from view to Excel would be great for ad-hoc reports/analysis.

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    Guest commented
    09 Feb 04:31

    This is a matter of improving regular export/import, not ODBC.

    ODBC and NotesSQL are hopelessly outdated.