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Wizard to generate / modify a GraphQL schema for a customer, backed by a GraphQL server

GraphQL is a significantly enhanced REST API. The GraphQL website outlines some of the benefits over standard REST services:

  • Ask for what you need, get exactly that
  • Get many resources in a single request
  • Describe what’s possible with a type system

When coded properly, multiple resources are handled simultaneously on the server, making it more performant. The challenge is that GraphQL requires:

  • a schema which many developers may have difficulty building
  • server-side code to handle queries and mutations
  • a GraphiQL server as documentation and test the APIs (like the Swagger UI provides for OpenAPI specifications)

A lot of this would be beyond many developers.

However, with a wizard or chatbot or other intelligent interface, it's possible to identify

  • queries and mutations
  • objects to return / pass
  • arguments for querying those objects
  • properties of those objects, descriptions and data types
  • "meta-logic" to map between related object types (e.g. how to get Contacts for a Company in this application)
  • query root for each "application's" GraphQL endpoint (e.g. https://server.com/PaulsApp/graphql). Bear in mind also that each "application" may cover multiple NSFs

Domino has the core CRUD / query API already there to intelligently map the schema to microfunctions to validate and process queries and mutations as a GraphQL server. The options available for GraphQL are not extensive, so I don't think the logic to convert the schema and associated meta-logic to actual code would not be too complex. The performance enhancements of gRPC / DQL may better handle parallel processing from a single GraphQL request.

Taking an innovative approach, the GraphiQL interface could be extended - for authorised users - to add / remove queries, mutations, objects, properties etc.

Of course this functionality could also be used to improve on the DAS APIs for mail, calendar and freebusy. That could provide a better performant Verse UI, as well as an API that pulls together multiple "mailboxes" into a single Verse UI for "team mailboxes", multiple calendar overlays etc.

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  • Aug 7 2018
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    Thomas Hampel commented
    October 27, 2018 08:10

    Moving idea to product : Domino Designer