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Improving Find Room/Resource functionality over many days

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000345 EndHTML:000017424 StartFragment:000016282 EndFragment:000017294 StartSelection:000016282 EndSelection:000017294 SourceURL:https://ibmsf.my.salesforce.com/500500000161tMB?isdtp=vw&nonce=49b7cd7e3ce58130673c66f187234b6a8132ba81bb120a81e3c73f9469204f84&sfdcIFrameOrigin=https%3A%2F%2Fibmsf.my.salesforce.comCase: TS000944015 ~ Salesforce - Unlimited Edition

1. Open a new calendar entry

2. Find a room/resource that you know is reserved on 28 May from 11.00-11.00 am on 29 May

3, Enter in a reservation to repeat on 11.00am-11.00am the next day from 23 May through to 30 May

4. When clicking 'Find Room' (or 'Find Resource') the option presented is just from 23-24 May, not through to 30 May. This has the result that is OK is pressed, it will return the room booked on 28 May as available on this date.

5. When manually adjusting this to 30 May as the end date, when pressing ok, an error message is given that a reservation cannot be processed beyond 24 hours. Yet the reservation still processes

6. For adjustment of dates undertaken in Step 5. there is a limitation of 5000 hours, so a meeting lasting a long time throughout the year cannot be searched accurately.


Scenario with current design as undertaken by L2


The UI design needs to be enhanced to better accommodate the above 
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  • Oct 1 2018
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