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Restore the pre-eclipse method of managing locations in Notes client

There are 2 problems that were introduced with managing locations in the Notes client when eclipse was introduced.

1.  In the Notes client, when you click on the location setting in the bottom-right corner, it offers all locations to switch to EXCEPT THE CURRENT ONE.  Prior to eclipse, this list included the current location.  This was convenient because if you specify a Notes id to use with a given location, then you could switch IDs manually (admins need to do this on occasion), then to switch back you would just click the location setting and select the current location.  By doing so, it would switch back to your ID.  The new behavior with eclipse is that you must switch to a different location before you can select the current location.

To see the preferred behavior, open the admin client and observe.

2.  In the Notes client, when you click on the location setting and then click Edit Locations..., it brings up a modal dialog box. This is very awkward and prevents referring back to other content in Notes while the modal dialog box is open.  For example, you can't copy and paste content from another location document.  Prior to eclipse (which can be reproduced in the admin client) it offered Edit Current.  This feature simply opened the current location document like any other document so it could be edited.  It is NOT in a modal dialog.

Please restore the functionality to this pre-eclipse behavior.


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  • Jan 16 2019
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    17 Jan 14:16

    Better still, get rid of Eclipse completely. It's the cause of more problems than it's worth. Not least performance issues.